Picture of a quote at the Newseum in Washington D.C.

Journalism is the first rough draft of History

During my semester abroad in Washington, we had quite a few field-trips. Among these, three really stuck to my memory. One of them definitely was the Newseum. For a journalist it is kind of heaven on earth: everything that is and was press-related is there: old papers editions, little parts of History such as pieces of the Berlin Wall.

The most impressive piece of them all most certainly is the 9/11 exhibition: a wall covered from floor to ceiling by newspaper covers of the most influential terrorist attack of all and in the middle of the room, a piece of the World trade center building. I think it only when I saw this exhibition that I realised how huge this all was, how powerful the media can be.

On a wall at the Newseum was engraved a quote from Philip Graham, publisher and co-owner of one of the greatest American newspapers, The Washington Post, from 1946 to the end of his very short life in 1963. ‘Journalism is the first rough draft of history’. And it hit me: that was exactly why I wanted to become a reporter, I wanted to do my part, I wanted to help report historical events to the smallest detail and help people understand what was happening in the world.


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